GRAB is a group of gamers from all over the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area with some members from Holland and Kalamazoo. Our gaming interests are wide and varied, though we most commonly play Euros. We are always open to playing games with new people. Learning and teaching new games is very common at our gaming sessions!

We primarily organize ourselves through a Google Group. We use this to coordinate weekly gatherings, discuss news, and arrange sales and trades. We also occasionally host larger Game Days, or attend events at local game stores.

We have informal game sessions scheduled weekly. Regular groups meet every Tuesday night, and on many Fridays. If you are visiting the GR area, contact us and we'll make sure that you find some gaming!

All meetings other than the public game days are semi-private, as they are held in people's homes, which naturally limits attendance. If you are interested in joining GRAB, contact Tony ManiscalcoDavid Vander Ark, or Chris Lohroff and tell us a little about yourself.

Google Group: