Regular Tuesday Gaming

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - 7:00pm
NameGame recommendationMusic recommendationComment
TonyYokohama, Tzolkin, Grand Austria HotelCrane Wives - Coyote Stories
Dan CTbdWeezer - Rosanna/Africa (got my finger on the pulse)I’m eating ravioli with kale and bacon
TrevorEl grande Peter Gabriel- Security (PG4)Officially retired from Rock Band 4 (for the current time at least)
(Dan C)El GrandyUntil just a few weeks ago, I don't think any of the PG catalog was available on stream.Did you 5-star the entire song list?
Matt R.Grand Austria Hotel
(Trevor C)As of about 10 days ago he wasn’t. Whole catalog on Spotify now I believe. Not yet. 100% the tapping part at the end of Metropolis instrumental break
BruceEuphoria I hear good things about Kylie's albumCool weather is ahead
LaurenI need to practice teaching Flamme Rouge and Smiths of Winterforge"Seagulls! (Stop it Now)"Arriving after class ends at 6:45. Somewhere between 7:15 and 7:45 hopefully.
JonathanVast, Tzolk'in, ES&R. Charterstone?As usual, I can't tell which of these are serious so we're just listening to five hours of Manilow.Still playing at least the spotlight songs in RB4 each week. Confused why Trevor hasn't joined our crew.
JakeCatacombs (Third Edition)War - U2, October - U2I know some people don't like dexterity games, but I just got it and i think it's fun but i haven't played w/ full player count
TonyI 2nd Chartersone if we have the right configuration Can we alternate between Barry Manilow and Kenny Rogers? That would take me right back to my childhood...These RSVP lists are getting out of hand...
(Dan C)It's become a chat room. For people who check it hourly, that's great!
Matt JJohn Denver - Back Home AgainFive hours of Manilow... There are worse things to listen to.

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