Regular Tuesday Gaming

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 7:00pm

Celebrate World Digestive Health Day and the birth of Tenzing Norgay by boardgaming.

NameCommentDo you have a cookie cutter shaped like a sheep? Has your friend forgotten to feed your pet? m&m: name your favoriteGames to play
Jonathan ChafferSadly, no. Sidestepped this tragedy by never owning petsPeanut butter, crispyTzolk’in, Keyflower, Edel Stein und Reich, Was Sticht
TonySpoon!NopeI hope notDark chocolate peanut I’m in for another Tzolkin beatdown.
Dan CFork KnifeNegatory
TrevorCommentSee aboveI’m the only one that feeds my pet The green ones. Wait.. they might be the red ones..I second the Was Sticht motion. El Grande.
Matt R.
LaurenPhysics test, unknown arrival timeSarah makes sheep shaped cookiesAlso hoping nothe second mMagic Maze
Vann William Robert LeeI see you've played Knifey Spoony beforeNoNo, have you had a recent issue?peanut butterwe'll see when we get there

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