Regular Tuesday Gaming

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 7:15pm

Below are some fun questions.

NameCommentFavorite Easter candy:Game to play:Favorite coffee roast:
Jonathan ChafferReese's eggsVisitor in Blackwood GroveAbsent
LaurenArrival at 8-ishCadbury mini-eggs; some jelly beansSpace RaceDark, like Dark Matter or Dark Energy
TonyAre we still concerned about the Snowpocalypse?Deviled eggs. What? That’s not candy?Dark
Matt R.
Dan CI would like to attend, but this is Spring Break week and I'm still trying to recover from the flu. So put me down as a maybe.stale PeepsGames with "Easter Eggs" in the graphicsI don't drink of the muddy water.
BruceBetter?: If you've had too much to drink we have a spare room. BeansRftGBreakfast Blend
Matt JReese's eggsBunny KingdomI enjoy the smell of a medium roast, but would never drink it.
Vann William Robert LeeA brief history of the world, mostly because I think I left it there last time.

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