Regular Tuesday Gaming

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 7:15pm

Celebrate Sinatra's birthday with a full night of music.

Beer supplies are low, but chocolate covered peanuts covered in a candy shell are not. Plus licorice in the house and special Christmas cookies.

NameCommentWhich era of Frank you prefer:Frank's best movie:Favorite Anise spiced treat: Party hats or is that too festive?
BruceColumbia On the TownPfeffernüsseHats!!!
Dan CThings are looking good to attend?!The Dark KnightN. SteinIs it "anice" like "Alice" or "uh-NEESE" like "a geese" ?Will likely have non-festive hat regardless due to weather
Jonathan'n' beansThe Muppet MovieMake my "licorice" fruity, please.The closest I get to a party hat is a baseball cap. And only on special occasions.
LaurenDan please bring yourself and also AzulRat PackGuys and DollsJaegermeister If I find one at home, maybe I'll wear it to astronomy finals earlier in the day, too
Matt R.I don't evenknow what isgoing onwith allthese comments

It is too late to RSVP for this event. Please contact the event host for last-minute changes.