Some Regular Tuesday Gaming

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 7:15pm

Celebrate your favorite travel game with Nelly Bly and Herman Melville.

NameComment Melville favoriteTraveling gameYour last flat tire
Jonathan Chaffer"How Come" puzzlesA screw fragment on Alpine
LaurenWill be finished giving astronomy tests!I'll be honest, haven't read anyDuring travel, Alphabet Game I supposeMost recent was actually a full blow-out driving home for the holidays five or six years ago.
MaryI would like to play Ex Libris if you aren't all sick of it yet.Bartleby the ScrivenerNever!
Matt R.
Sebastian No longer having yoga on Tuesdays means I’ll have to go swimming instead. The Simpsons joke where the Sea Captain says, “call me back, Ishmael”License plate math (works best in Japan)On the highway in metro Detroit. Not a fun place for it.
BruceBilly BudIntersting....Thursday, on US 31 just north of exit 149; in the snow;
Vann William Robert LeeLe SamouraiHiveToo Recent
James B.long time listener...
TonyYea! Guilted James into making his annual appearance!I would prefer not to mention it...QwixxThe day I bought my current car - hit a pothole less than 15 miles down the road!

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