Regular Tuesday Gaming

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 7:00pm

The Origins crew will be meandering back into town, and I hope will be ready for some low-key gaming fun instead of teaching all the time.

NameGames to playMusic requestsOrigins releases you're interested in
JonathanFive Tribes, Doodle Quest, Jack the RipperEthnos, Codenames Duet, Can't Stop Express, Wordsy, Rhino Hero: Super Battle, Bärenpark, Century: Spice Road
Vann William Robert LeeHandsome Boy Modeling School - So... How's Your Girl?
Matt R.Five Tribes
Dan CI can bring Five Tribes per your request. Warning: Slave cards included.Supertramp - Breakfast In AmericaEthnos, Warhammer Shadespire
Lanette50% likely to attend with DanPeter Gabriel (first solo album - with rain drops on car). As you know the first three of his solo albums are self-titled.Ethnos
LanetteActually... not sure that PG is available on the somewhat limited SpotifyTTR: Hawaii curious if Lanette or Dan wrote the above comments
MarkCentury: Spice Road (Own), Five TribesThe Decemberists - Picaresque Ethnos
TonyNo question - Dan is masquerading as Lanette
LanetteBärenpark. Dan got it for me for our anniversary because it is full of koalas. Best husband ever!!!!Peter Gabriel is not on Spotify. Confirmed. Bärenpark. We can bring it.
Matt FultzAnything. Will probably have to be taught.
Bruce I'm not teachingRUSHSidereal Confluence
BethThat history game, or Hanging Gardens
Matt JRush

It is too late to RSVP for this event. Please contact the event host for last-minute changes.