Regular Tuesday Gaming

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 7:00pm

Tuesday is World Turtle Day! Celebrate in your own fashion: wear green, eat pecans and chocolate, wield nunchucks, slow the world around you while battling the Flash, listen to "Happy Together," or refuse to attack in a war game. You could do that last one, at minimum, while playing at my house.

NameGame suggestionFavorite turtle
Dan CFabled Fruit contains a turtle Crash
Matt R.
Matt JClaude Lemieux (Although favorite is a stretch)
BruceAmun ReMacrochelys temminckii
TonyTerra MysticaBowser
AaronUrban Sprawl, Thunder Alley, Turtleforming MarsCrush

It is too late to RSVP for this event. Please contact the event host for last-minute changes.