Regular Tuesday Gaming: Finals Week

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 7:00pm

Early start alert! 7:00

I have two games I need to learn to teach and another I should play agian: Porto Nigra, Outlawed, Piratoons.

NameCommentGame suggestionWhy did the Michigan football team go to Rome?
Dan C
Jonathan ChafferIt's been too long!I'll play anything! But still chipping away at the list: get to the other side?
TonyWhy won't you let us pick music?I'd like to play Concordia againBecause Jim Harbaugh said they should
Dan C
Dan CGaaaaah! Sorry. Errant thumb.
AaronI'll bring Concordia for Tony.TBDTo enjoy the Picket Fences.
Matt R.
MarkJonathan's back.Concordia, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Haspelknecht.To watch Serie A FĂștbol.
Matt J
Sebastian Yep. Vikings Gone Wild (need to review this deckbuilder, so I should probably play it) So they can make my stupid five beers joke?
Bruce I see tony did play Concordia last week! One of my Origins games. Because they can't go to Florida.
Vann William Robert Lee

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