Regular Tuesday Gaming

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 7:00pm

Regular gaming, same people, different week.

NameCommentGame to play this week!Favorite Sid Sackson title, choose one:Social deduction games or activities?
TonyI'm going to Richmond this summer!Power Grid, VastAcquire Mysterium
Rick SContainer, Havana, ViceroyI'm the Boss!Dead Drop
Bruce7:00 is correct starting time; no Beth this week;Race for the Galaxy;Arc 3I Can't Sop thinking of Haggle Love Letter
JonathanI have more than one favorite Sid Sackson title.Junk Art, Ginkgopolis, Ricochet RobotsBazaar, Can't Stop, SleuthTwo Rooms and a Boom, A Fake Artist Goes to New York
Dan CIt's Spring Break week. Put me down as 50% likely to attend. If able, I would be on time at 7:00pm.Black Vs Yellow (if Aaron attends). Merchant Of Venus (classic rules). Die Macher.Can't Stop. Acquire is probably more important, but I like the games it inspired more.I generally don't enjoy social deduction games, games that are activities, or co-ops. Man, am I a curmudgeon or what?
AaronI will respect the code. 7:00.Lots of good choices above.Can't StopDoes Deduce or Die count? I don't really like co-ops either, other than Space Alert.
Matt R.
MarkI didn't see Rick at Thai Express last week,Power Grid, Havana, gra
MarkOops, I didn't mean to send last post.Grand Austria HotelCan't Stop.My Granddaughter likes Mystery of the Abbey. Might be she enjoys ringing the bell more than the game.

It is too late to RSVP for this event. Please contact the event host for last-minute changes.