Regular Tuesday Gaming

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - 7:00pm

2017 is not a leap year, which means we do leap right over February 29th. Let's close out the month with some good gaming together.

NameGame suggestionsMusic suggestionsWhat is the origin of your BGG username?
JonathanDiscoveries, The Hanging Gardens, Last WillMy first and middle names.
Not Dan CN/ASteve Hackett at 20 Monroe!!Autechre
AaronConcordia, Tin Goose, Time of SoccerViolent FemmesI used to be a superhero.
BruceThat mint gameBuddy guy Shell replacement for heptane
Vann William Robert LeeLovage - Music to make love to your old lady bySame username as everything else
Matt R.Discoveries
Sebastian (+1?)Steve Earle LOTR
MarkI have Epidemic Keratoconjuntivitis. You don't want, this I'll stay home.

It is too late to RSVP for this event. Please contact the event host for last-minute changes.