Regular Tuesday Gaming, 11/29/16

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - 7:15pm

Gather to play games in Grand Rapids. We start at 7:15. Today we celebrate Pong by playing what video games have made obsolete. (1972 – Atari announces the release of Pong, the first commercially successful video game.)

NameCan we have the Christmas music?Games you wish we play:Still eating the Turkey?
Matt R.NoThe hotel game
JonathanIf it's done by 8:15. I will arrive around 8:15.Fabled Fruit the next time Mary joins us. Copycat the next time Mark joins us.No leftovers, but Jenny made some awesome turkey stroganoff a week ago.
MarkNo, I've heard enough at work already!Grand Austria Hotlel. Copycat and I've got Fabled Fruit, haven't played yet.Yes, our Bird was a little too big this year.
Jonathan againMark is coming!!!
BruceNo Christmas music, maybe some XM SPAThe hotel game sounds funyes
Sebastian (+ Jennica)NoI'm bringing Evolution: Climate and more in a multi-packed box to annoy TonyTotally
Matt J
Dan CRather notOrdered Fruit. Could do Hotel. Or lots of other things. I wish.
Vann William Robert LeeNoVastNope
Jonathan again againDan is coming too?!?!I will try to bring Vast when I arrive (late, as indicated), but am more interested in lighter fare today. And Copycat.

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